Escape Game The Other Side, Escape Room New Jersey. New York.
Escape Game The Other Side, Escape Room New Jersey. New York.
Escape Game The Other Side, Escape Room New Jersey. New York.

Escape Game The Other Side

Players 5—13 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 26—30 $ per player

About the game The Other Side

The Room is available in 2 options:

Detective (not scary at all): Neither the police, news or scientists have been able to offer any explanation for the odd happenings in Room 999. Spirits, art disappearing, dramatic temperature changes, ghosts, inanimate objects moving, and writing vanishing all in front of your very eyes. Not to mention an open & unsolved missing persons case are just some of the whispers that surround this room. Always being fascinated by the unexplained phenomenons and being a self-proclaimed skeptic of the supernatural you decide it’s time for you to put this mystery to rest. Will you be able to explain the unexplainable or will you become the next missing person’s case?
Horror (scary): What was that? Are you alone? You’ve heard rumors about a video. As soon as it penetrates your thoughts, a TV that shouldn’t work begins playing. Silent, you try not to move a muscle but can’t help trembling. When a phone begins ringing you’re beckoned to answer, like something is forcing you to. A voice on the other side says “60 minutes” before disconnecting. (Everyone must sign a liability release before entering this room).

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Address escape game The Other Side

New York, 157A Main St, Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA
201-815- ... Show phone number

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