Escape Game Prison Break, X-Room. New York.
Escape Game Prison Break, X-Room. New York.
Escape Game Prison Break, X-Room. New York.

Escape Game Prison Break

Players 2—10 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 28 $ per player

About the game Prison Break

You were once a detective whom everyone loved, but you got framed by Dr. Locus, the most wanted guy in the world who is an intelligent criminal. He has a prison where he kept all his prisoners for experiments. You had been transferred to a single cell with a guard watching you all day long.

Soon, Dr. Locus will take you out and execute you because you had been ruining his plans! You have to use your professional knowledge to get out of this prison, or you will die and no one knows! Run, detective!

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Address escape game Prison Break

New York, 277 Grand Street, 2nd Fl, Manhattan
+7 (164) ... Show phone number

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