How to Escape the Room?

How to Escape the Room?

Real-life room escape games are conquering the world at the moment. Group locked inside a room with a specific theme must work the way out in 60 minutes. All clues, hints and puzzles allowing to have fun are inside. But some people are still afraid of taking part in adventure activities like these. Often the reason is that most of the first time exit game players are scared of the unknown and worried about that they are not clever enough to complete the challenge. Escape games are a new type of entertainment, but extremely popular nowadays. It gives us a chance to regain confidence in our genius and capacity to face obstacles without taking any risks.

Escaping the room is a catching experience for all ages, but sometimes for beginners the game can be too difficult, that is why our first tip: when choosing the challenge pay attention to the various difficulty levels.


The following tricks can help you to succeed in a game:

1. Explore carefully

Of course, everyone knows that you have to search for clues, but in reality it’s just not as easy as it seems. Note that everything could be a clue or a part of the puzzle, so keep a close eye on every little detail. Open, lift, look behind all the objects for hidden clues and items. If it doesn’t work for a smaller effort, please do not force it. You shouldn’t cause any damage in the room or yourselves. In many rooms the organizers put a sticker on everything what is not part of the game.

2. Share your learning

Even psychological tests show that those teams who communicate more are more successful and complete the rooms much faster. Everyone should know about all the clues. If you have found something, shout it out. If you have cleared the bookshelf and did not found anything, make it clear to your teammates. You don’t want anybody else to check the shelf again!

The more players, the more opinions to solve the mystery. Try to be as logic as you can, think deductively and communicate all your ideas to the others. Simple words just happen to be solutions. Don’t hide your ideas, what sounds strange at first might be the exact logic what the creators had in mind.

3. Use the tools you have

Most of the escape rooms do not require you to use external devices and items, such as mobile phone, camera, pen and paper. In most escape rooms they are even forbidden – unless they provide it for you. Look around and search for items you can use not just as a clue, but to find a clue.

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4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help. Before you get trapped in the room the escape room’s game master will tell you all the rules initially, one of them is how much hint you can take. Once you got stuck on a puzzle the game master will help you anyway, but it’s better to not wait that much long. Remember the next tip:

6. Focus on fun

This is our most important advice: those who really enjoy and let themselves immerse into the game perform better. Intelligence and prior knowledge don’t matter during the game but fun-seeker attitude and co-operation do.

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P.S. Some useful things to remember:

  • Pay attention to the topic!
  • If you can’t figure out a puzzle, don’t spend too much time on it, sometimes you need just to look round and the puzzle seems to be obvious.
  • All of the puzzles are meant to be solved, so don’t complicate the task.
  • Relax and enjoy, don’t take a game too seriously.
  • Don’t give up and despair if you haven’t managed to beat the game. It’s not an exam but amazing challenge!


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