Live Escape Rooms in NYC: Weird Science

Live Escape Rooms in NYC: Weird Science

Uncover the city’s mysteries, from secret experiments, mad professors, deadly viruses to weapons of mass destruction, zombie, time travel labs. You will be amazed at just how many secret sights in NYC and around are not actually hidden at all. Your task is to survive and save the world! Who can resist a good mystery?

To help you truly get knowledge on your next trip to the Big Apple, here are New York’s scientific escape rooms:

1. Escape room Laboratory of Biohazard, OMEscape. You trap in Dr. Snake’s lab located somewhere in the sewage system of the city. You have to discover a cure to the deadly neurotoxin developed by the professor and don’t forget to save the humanity!

2. Escape room Chapter 2: Biotech Labs, Mystery Room NYC. What are you going to do if you are a detective team investigating your college’s disappearance and the trail led you to a secret laboratory? Upon entering, the security system initiates its reactivation and locks the door, forcing your team to find a way to escape the nebulous organization called Biotech Labs.

3. Escape room The Experiment, EscapeGamesNYC. Experiments are vital to the advancement of science. Are you able to control yourself? As time winds down you will start to wonder if the experiment… is you!

4. Escape room Time Continuum, X-Room. It’s time for time travel! Unfortunately, there has been an accident. The time machine has somehow activated and sent your whole crew to an unknown place. Are you scared to be lost in the time continuum?

5. Escape room Six DaysGo Escape. You are an experiment created by Dr. Mad. The conditions in the laboratory are horrible and you have decided to escape. The sixth day is nearing. Act quickly otherwise you will be caught!

6. Escaperoom Trapped In A Room With A Zombie, Room Escape Adventures. Zombie Apocalypse has already began. You are locked in a room with a very hungry Walking Dead who wants to eat you. What to do? Everything in your hands!

7. Escape room The Virus, Challenge Escape Rooms. You are a volunteer for a new drug trial, but the experiment has gone terribly wrong. You have been infected with a deadly virus and have an one hour to find the vaccine.

If you are interested in other topics, you can choose the most appropriate genre here. Anyway, have fun!



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