Escape Game Cure Z, Trap Door Experience. New York.
Escape Game Cure Z, Trap Door Experience. New York.
Escape Game Cure Z, Trap Door Experience. New York.

Escape Game Cure Z

Players 1—12 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 38 $ per player

About the game Cure Z

A terrorist group has unleashed an airborne virus that has turned much of the world's population into mindless killing machines. The condition can be suppressed with a drug developed by Quieten Pharmaceuticals, but its costly and many cannot afford to get it, even if the alternative is to turn into a monster.

There is hope, however. One doctor at Quieten, Leo Brannigan, has developed a cure. The problem is, the company has swept it under the rug, along with Dr. Brannigan and his research. It seems a suppressant people have to keep taking is worth more than a cure that they only need once.

After being fired from Quieten, Dr. Brannigan set up his own lab to duplicate his cure, but the doctor hasn't been heard of in months and is presumed dead. Can you decipher Brannigan's notes to finish the cure in time, or will the hoard of infected swarm the building before you have the chance? Be warned, rumor has it that Brannigan met his end experimenting on infected subjects, and those subjects may still be in the building.

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Address escape game Cure Z

New York, 60 White Street Red Bank, NJ
1(732)74 ... Show phone number

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