Escape Game Alien Encounter, Clue Chase. New York.
Escape Game Alien Encounter, Clue Chase. New York.
Escape Game Alien Encounter, Clue Chase. New York.

Escape Game Alien Encounter

Players 4—12 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 29 $ per player
Difficulty level Intermediate

About the game Alien Encounter

July, 2053
We are being watched.

A powerful race of aliens from a distant galaxy have been observing mankind for untold centuries. With their presence now known we must ask ourselves, are they an intergalactic ally and force for good, or a dangerous threat to our species and planet? Now, based on instructions beamed to us from the alien vessel, your core team of volunteers will be teleported to a final testing facility in space. You will have exactly one hour of earth time to pass their tests and prove that humanity deserves its place among the stars. The stakes couldn’t be higher. If you pass, their technology may offer us unimaginable advances, but if you fail, it may mean the end of the human race.

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Address escape game Alien Encounter

New York, 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York
646-829- ... Show phone number

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